About Us

Abitec Company has been a technological industry pioneer for more than 30 years. We were one of the very first companies to provide thickness measurement and gauging equipment to Ohio customers and across the U.S.

Over the years, we’ve evolved with the industry—which has grown by leaps and bounds! Today, we’re proud to be an authority on thickness measurement system repair and a retailer of industry-best eddy-current displacement sensors from Shinkawa.

The Early Years

When Abitec began in 1982, thickness gauge testing and equipment were novel concepts. Today, the technology is some of the most advanced of any industry! But back then, we were on the cutting edge of non-destructive gauge testing.

We started out as a service-oriented business, geared toward meeting the needs of Northern Ohio’s manufacturing, research and government facilities. In time, as the technology evolved, so did we. We began carrying Shinkawa touch-roll type thickness measurement systems, bringing testing capabilities to regional customers who needed a reliable way of gauging material thickness—from rubber sheets to polymer films. Today, we still offer the superior level of service and the state-of-the-art products we were known for then. We’ve paced the industry and evolved with it.

Our Commitment to You

There has been an increasing demand for documentation to satisfy EPA and FDA regulations for thickness testing. Changing technology is requiring instrumentation technicians to invest precious time to keep customers within guidelines. Trust that we’ve made the necessary investments in equipment, education and training, to provide our clients with the top-tier level of service they expect.

Trust the Industry Experts

To learn more about our company and its capabilities, please call Abitec Company today at 216-289-9190. We’re ready to assist you in resolving any calibration, noise or vibration problem you may have.