Shinkawa Thickness Measuring Tool Sales and Repair

Gauging equipment is extremely sensitive and requires consistent care, calibration and maintenance to ensure it delivers accurate linearity readings. At Abitec Company, we possess the equipment, skills and understanding of sensitive equipment to deliver repairs. We’ve helped customers throughout Ohio and across the U.S. calibrate, maintain and repair their equipment for the life of their ownership.

We specialize in touch roll type thickness measurement systems and eddy current type displacement sensors by Shinkawa; however, our capabilities extend to a full range of OEM gauging equipment.

Common Problems and Solutions

If you have a problem that involves noise control, vibration or calibration, we can help. These are the most common issues concerning thickness measurement equipment. We’re veterans at troubleshooting problems registering and repeating readings, as well as issues and errors with the equipment itself.

As an Abitec Company customer, you can expect a total commitment to technological excellence and customer service when you work with us. Our commitment to excellence and longstanding industry knowledge ensures your equipment is in good hands, and that it’ll be returned to you in working condition. We currently offer the following services:

  • Acoustic consulting
  • Laser-based systems service
  • Mechanical gauging
  • QC testing machinery
  • Sensor calibration

Let Abitec Company help you maintain your thickness measurement systems, to ensure they deliver peak performance and accurate readings. We understand the importance of this equipment—particularly in an industrial manufacturing capacity—and strive to deliver repairs consistent with the stringent demands of every application.

Call us for Equipment Repair

Reach us today at 216-289-9190 to learn more about our capabilities or to inquire about issues with your equipment. We serve clients throughout Ohio and the greater United States.