Tire And Rubber Thickness Measurement Tools

At Abitec Company, we bring customers the very best thickness measurement system from Shinkawa: the VND Series. This state-of-the-art touch-roll type thickness measurement converter system delivers unparalleled precision and performance, making it suitable for the most sensitive gauging applications. It’s the system we stand by when consulting with our customers nationwide and in North and South America.

If you’re interested in learning more about eddy current displacement sensors, we invite you to see for yourself the benefits that the VND Series offers. Should you decide to make an investment, know that we retail both the sensor and extension cables.

The VND Series

The VND Series is a high-accuracy digital thickness measurement system with superior stability and reliability. The VND converter—in combination with an eddy current type displacement sensor and the touch-roll attachment—measures the thickness of the non-conductive sheets with high accuracy.

  • VND020A
  • VND050A
  • VND100A

Use of eddy current method makes the system superior to any other measurement systems that solely use optical, ultrasonic or radiological principles, because it can provide highly-accurate measurements of thickness of polymer films, webbing material, and rubber sheets continuously, without being affected by ambient atmosphere with water, oil or dust or other contaminants.


  • Easy adjustment by (SET) button – Just provide a mock thickness with a spacer of regulated pitches (10% or 20%) and press (SET) button to adjust characteristics.
  • Digital display for thickness measurement check – There’s no need for testers in the field to measure converter’s output voltage.
  • Smooth zero-shift function (±20% of F.S.) – Smooth zero-shift adjustment is possible via the up/down keys. Zero-shift doesn’t affect sensitivity and linearity of measurements.
  • Highly accurate thickness measurement – Use 6-point adjustment (20% pitches) or 11-point adjustment (10% pitches) to achieve linearity of within ±0.5 % of F.S.
  • High stability – Superior temperature characteristics provide stable measurements. Run-out effects from target (rotor) are kept low.


  • For thickness measurement of non-conductive sheets
  • For thickness measurement of steel plate
  • For thickness measurement and positioning of metals
  • For thickness measurement of paint coating and films
  • For thickness control of paint coating
  • For thickness measurement and control by roll gap measurement

Want to Learn More?

Abitec Company suppliers our clients in Ohio and across the United States with the state-of-the-art equipment they need for industrial thickness testing and gauging. To learn more about the VND Series thickness measurement system from Shinkawa, contact us today at 216-289-9190.